BIRTH premiered as part of the 2019 LONDON INTERNATIONAL MIME FESTIVAL at Shoreditch Town Hall

More touring dates in 2019 will be announced very soon!

The Project:

"The dead are invisible, they are not absent ".

St Augustine 

Inspired by the field of psychogenealogy, the metaphysics of time, the work of Frida Kahlo and interviews with women, we are exploring transgenerational memory and what it means to lose and create a new life.

Funded by Arts Council England through Grants For The Arts

Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival, The Point Eastleigh and South Hill Park Arts Centre

Supported by Shoreditch Town Hall, University of Kent and Haringey Council

Creative Team:

Conceived & Directed by Guillaume Pigé

Devised by the Company

With: Eygló Belafonte, Vyte Garriga, Claudia Marciano, Alex Judd, Charles Sandford, Andres Velasquez

Composer - Alex Judd

Lighting Designer - Dr Katherine Graham

Costume & Prop Designer - Malik Ibheis

Costume Maker - Amédine Bello

Dramaturg - Tamara von Werthern

External Curator - Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman

External Advisor - Josephine Tremelling

Philosopher - Dr Graeme A Forbes

Scientific Collaborator - Professor Kate Jeffery

Devisors: Louise Wilcox, Eygló Belafonte, Matthew Austin, Claudia Marciano, Stefanie Bruckner, Guillaume Pigé, Alex Judd, Andres Velasquez, Charles Sandford and Vyte Garriga.

Our progress so far:

We presented work-in-progress showcases at The Point, South Hill Park and St Ann’s Library at different stages throughout our initial R&D period (Nov 2017 to July 2018).

Here are some of the responses from audiences who came to see our work:

"Still thinking about the deeply moving, yet life affirming BIRTH by @TheatreRe @southhillpark yesterday evening. Captivating, immersive and quietly brilliant" from @Emma_L_Young

"@TheatreRe BIRTH @southhillpark was beautiful tonight! Both joyous and unbelievably painful. Incredible imagery, artistry and craftsmanship. The music was mind blowing" from @gavin_immersus

Our next steps forward (performances, workshops, talks) will be announced very soon!

Thank you:

The success of our initial R&D process was made possible thanks to the generous donations from:

Fans: Rebecca Carron, Anjelika Issa, Martin Durov & Laja Martin, Nini Mccabe, A.C. Smith, Melanie Spencer, Russell Turner, Jo Sargeant, Anthony Dawson, Irenals1234, Robyn Uhl, Jude Fergusson, Marta Brugnatelli, Sabrina Mahfouz

Heros: John Middleton, Liyun Lin, Nikki Holdaway, Helena Leonard, Felix Meadowsweet, Andrew Bates, Natalie Bamunuwatte, Ross Hayward, Stella Jones, Steve & Karen Hall, Mathias Löffler, Alex Finch, Stephanie Hibst, Rachel Hardisty

Stars: William St Clair & Penny Tasker, Phyl Herbert

Associate Producers: Danielle Kretzmer-Lockwood, Craig Fisher, Patricia Cabredo, Derek Florey, Nick & Chris

Guardian Angel: Jean-Paul & Michèle Pigé, Sophie Girtanner, Isabelle Bloy, Eddy & Daniele Bloy, Raphaëlle Pigé

photo: François Verbeek

photo: Caroline Edrich

photo: François Verbeek

Trailer :