1. BIOG:

Established in 2009, Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking and moving work.

Its shows examine fragile human conditions in a compelling, physical style embracing mime, theatre and live music, and are often described as magical, poetic and tender as well as disturbing and haunting.

The name of the company comes from the prefix ‘re’. It is the ‘re’ of re-discovering and re-imagining, breathing new life into what already exists.

Intimate collaborations with experts in different fields – such as science and public health - and various community groups throughout the devising process play a crucial part in the development of the work.

Our productions have toured widely in the UK but also in France, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.

Theatre Re is an Associate Company at The Point, Eastleigh and South Hill Park Arts Centre.

  1. WORK AVAILABLE FOR TOURING: The Nature of Forgetting


- Number of people on stage: 6

- Number of people in touring company: 7

- Freight Weight: 340kg

- Freight Volume: 5,7m3

- Touring availability: from September 2017

- Stage requirements: Minimum 8m x 8m performance area, the stage needs to be at least 10m wide to accommodate for the booms. Ideally a black box style theatre space, if this is not possible we will need to mask the space.

- Sound: all sound is controlled from the stage. We have two live musicians who are set up stage centre and will require:

2 x vocal mics (SM58s) with stands | 1 x stereo DI | 1 x mono DI | 1 x kick drum mic | 3/4 x overhead mics for the percussion | 4 x stage monitors (2 for the musicians, 2 for the actors)

  1. -Lighting: a pre-rig is requested, if this is not possible the company will need a full day of get in before the performance. Please get in touch at: for our touring LX plan.


Wrap-around activities to accompany The Nature of Forgetting include post-show discussions, talks, lectures and workshops. All activities are tailored to the group the company are working with, so every session is different. Further information available upon request.


Please get in touch at: to view a full recording of The Nature of Forgetting online.

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